AVANT GARDE PROJECT | recordings of 20th-century classical, experimental, and electroacoustic music digitized from LPs | english

CORTICAL FOUNDATION | emphasis in the preservation of sound archives and publication of recordings of experimental and improvised music | english

EUROPEAN FREE IMPROVISATION | detailed info on european free improvisors and labels | english

ELEPHANT BLOG | Adrian Belew stories in the world of music | english

FREE JAZZ | excellent and teeming blog about free jazz and neighborhoods with an authority and independent voice | english

FREEMUSIC | prolific Lisboa based jazz and free improv music podcast to listen and download, from any form to free form | english

FREENOISE | english promotional and label outfit acting also as a booking agent in experimental, free jazz, rock and improv | english

GRANULAR | nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and awareness of sound and visual experimental or innovative media | english/portuguese

IMPROVISED MUSIC FROM JAPAN | massive and detailed info on recordings by japanese improvisors | english/japanese

JAZZ.PT | jazz and improvised musics’ online journal | portuguese

JAZZ E ARREDORES | jazz, improvised and experimental music blog with lots of info and useful links | portuguese

MONASTERY BULLETIN | irregular periodical for the liberation of music and literature | english

NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD | in their words the New York’s Only Homegrown Jazz Gazette, with free pdf issues | english

POINT OF DEPARTURE | online music journal published by renowed music critic, essayist and producer Bill Shoemaker | english

RUI EDUARDO PAES | music journalist, critic and author of several books on experimental and improvised music | english/portuguese

SIGNAL TO NOISE | journal focusing on the confluence of avant-garde jazz, electro-acoustic improvisation and left-of-center modern rock – sadly ended in spring 2013 | english

TOMAJAZZ | website about jazz and improvised music with tons of info and images distributed by easily browsed sections | spanish

WFMU | independent freeform station broadcasting in New York with tons of online archives and live streams | english

WIRE | one of the best advanced musics’ magazine | english