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Do Liminar #3

    Do Liminar #3 // Performances

    On August 14th 2016 happened the third episode of the Do Liminar cycle, platform for experimental objects in the performance field as broadening language and practice, curated by Bruno Humberto, at Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea gallery.

    The non-event, the error that enables and the never tight clash of ideas take shape in works of cross-disciplinary nature, with presentation formats rarely founded in models and logics of show programming. As part of the Do Liminar cycle and parallel to the performance program, in each issue are invited a writer and photographer, to create a ballast, a translation, or free criticism that takes form in a paper publication. This edition featured performances of Rodrigo Gomes and Daniel Pizamiglio and Inês Cartaxo, later interpreted by Nuno Martins (photo) and Filipa Cordeiro (text).

    “ALT+E” by Rodrigo Gomes // Stereophonic helmet with sound composition of looping objects and environments.
    “Dupla Ameaça” by Daniel Pizamiglio and Inês Cartaxo // Coreography and interpretation.

    Filipa Cordeiro

    Nuno Martins