CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION | straight forward info focused on travelers’ health | english

COUNTRYWATCH | demographic, political, economic, business, cultural and environmental information on world countries — username required | english

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR INFECTIOUS DISEASES | reporting system dedicated to rapid global dissemination of information on outbreaks of infectious diseases with daily reports on latest threats and extensive info and world map | english, portuguese, french, spanish, russian

LONELY PLANET | not the same as used to be but imo undoubtedly the best travel guide for almost everywhere in this planet | english

PROJECT VISA | massive database with visa and embassies info, apllication and requirements for every country | english

SCRATCH WIRELESS | directory of major U.S. cities with free wireless hotspots in hotels, airports and restaurants | english

TIME NOW | super useful and detailed info on world clock, time zone converter, dialing codes, weather, currency | english

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE | up to date foreign entry requirements, travel warnings and alerts to all world countries | english

V.S.I. | online downloadable or printable visa applications from almost all countries on the world | french

WORLD ATLAS | massive collection of world countries maps with geographical, political, road or climate features | english

WORLD FACTBOOK | profiles on every country in the world made by the US central information agency | english

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION | international health risks and information for travellers downloadble in pdf | english